If school admissions are overly complex and time-consuming we can help

Your school office may see the admissions process as hard and cumbersome work – it’s a busy time of year and it might be all hands to the deck. So how effective are you at managing the school admissions process? Is there any way you can ease the burden of admissions? We like to think so. Our brilliant MIS admissions tool schoolADMIN has it covered with fast, straightforward performance and no-nonsense functions.

How to improve school admissions

schoolADMIN can help. It delivers high quality, easily accessible data to support your registration process and management reporting. Your team will have the information they need at their fingertips - from information for day-to-day tasks to more in-depth strategic analysis and reporting.
Take a look at how our MIS can support school admissions.

Easily access complete records and history for individual applicants

It’s all there at the touch of a button, no need to search around in spreadsheets or multiple databases.

Track individual progression of applicants through to enrolment

See where applicants are in the admissions process and have this information immediately to hand when parents and staff ask for it.

Reporting and analysis for marketing

Use useful insights from school admissions data to support future marketing campaigns, building even greater success for your school.

Manage communication with customised groups

schoolADMIN can communicate with specified groups in just a few clicks, making it easy for you to quickly get in touch with the right people.

Track and compare pupil numbers year on year

Get a bird’s eye view of how this school year compares with previous years. Track, compare and present this information to senior leaders for a useful insight on the progress of the school.

It’s multilingual

schoolADMIN is available in any language so in addition to all of the benefits above it can be used globally, providing effective engagement with parents and staff from London to Hong Kong and beyond!

The school admissions process can be labour intensive but we can help you take the strain. You need fast and easy to use tools to ease the pressure of admissions and that’s where schoolADMIN comes in. From day-to-day tasks to more strategic analysis schoolADMIN will optimising your admissions process, taking the heat away from staff and making life easier using the very best MIS technology.

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