School administration doesn’t need to be such hard work!

No-one likes administration work when it becomes clunky, confusing and time-consuming. So we’ve worked hard on our MIS product schoolADMIN to make life far easier when it comes to school administration. It’s fast, easy to use, flexible and highly customisable, so it can work for you exactly how you want it to.
Let schoolADMIN ease the burden of the masses of admin work involved in running a busy school.

How schoolADMIN helps with school administration

schoolADMIN offers an impressive combination of user defined fields, document management and powerful communication tools to make sure you get the very most out of your school administration system. Take a look at just some of the benefits schoolADMIN can offer to improve your complex school administration processes.

Access all pupil database records

See all pupil data from registration enquiries to former pupils – getting the answers to the people who are asking, fast!

Easy reporting

Quickly generate lists and reports – no need to search around in different databases or spreadsheets. schoolADMIN has all the information to hand – it’s all there waiting for you.

Simple communication

schoolADMIN integrates with Microsoft Office for mailing, emailing and reporting so you can easily communicate with parents and bill payers without cumbersome school administration processes. You can also mass mail, email, and even text all your contacts in a flash.

Integrate with billing if you need to

schoolADMIN makes it easy for your school administration team to view and create bills if you need them to. It’s all in the system, in one single easy to access place.

It’s multilingual

schoolADMIN is available in any language so in addition to all of the benefits above it can be used globally, providing effective engagement with staff from London to Hong Kong and beyond!

So why not give our schoolADMIN product a try? Your school administration tasks need to be easy to manage, flexible and customisable and if they’re not, you’re missing a trick. Get fast access to the school information you need with our MIS and finance tools and use this handy product to bear the load!

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