Outstanding academic support for independent and international schools

3sysACADEMIC will focus your teachers on teaching and learning rather than bothersome admin tasks!
Let 3sysACADEMIC take away admin pressures and give teachers the gift of time and clutter-free minds.
It works with all leading browsers and offers ground-breaking tools and customisation features,
including our optional WCBS schoolPORTAL.

All the academic support and information you need in one place

Choose 3sysACADEMIC for so many school and parent benefits including easy integration, easy embedding and simple usage.

Take a look at even more benefits for your school:

It’s intuitive

It’s easy to use, input and capture all pupil assessment, attendance, behaviour and performance data so you’ll never be scratching your head wondering where to click next! And because it’s so easy to use you’ll invest less in training, reduce staff workload, and see a greater uptake of the system.

It’s accessible

Access 3sysACADEMIC from any device, at any time, ensuring staff have quick and instant visibility of all current and historical pupil records wherever they may be.

Intelligent reporting

Offers excellent reporting and analysis tools to support school strategy and performance management.

Perfect integration

With 3sysACADEMIC you can seamlessly integrate with any third party systems so you can maintain one single and secure database without worrying about what will work where!

It’s modular

You’ll save on cost by using a system that can be tailored for your school with ‘pick and choose’ modules.
Also ideal for scalability when the time is right.

It’s based on your needs

Features have been derived from a large range of curricula, both in the UK and abroad, so we’re confident we’ve included everything you need, whoever and wherever you are.

It’s multilingual

3sysACADEMIC is designed to be available in any language so in addition to all of the benefits above, it can
be used globally, providing effective engagement with parents and staff from London to Hong Kong and beyond!
This also means you’ll see a greater uptake from staff across your international school and a speedier return
on your investment.

With our MIS supporting your school, routine activities are completed more effectively and efficiently, with important, up-to-date information always available. This gives your staff the time and tools to concentrate on what’s really important: improving young minds and providing a pathway to a successful future.

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